Marc-Antoine Di Guisto

My name is Marc-Antoine, I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Cardiff University. Although I have had no personal experience of Alzheimer’s, I am deeply moved by the profound effect the condition has on people who suffer from it. Because Alzheimer’s cannot be cured and is degenerative, it is vital that each patient has a carer to look after them and attend to their needs. This position is often taken up by a spouse or close relative who are placed under great stress as a result of their devotion. Firstly there is the intense emotional stress of carrying on giving the best care they can, in the knowledge that things will not get better. Secondly there are the considerable time constraints of spending most of their time looking after someone else, often sacrificing their own needs to care for their loved ones. Last but not least there is the financial strain of paying for specialised treatments such as decelerating drugs and complimentary therapies.

By helping to raise money for these Alzheimer’s charities we hope to help bring some comfort back to these carers, allowing them to have some down time where they can take care of themselves and escape for a while all in the comfort of knowing their loved ones are still being correctly looked after. We hope that through our challenging adventure we will not only help to bring financial aid to carers and patients of Alzheimer’s locally, but also spread the word about these issues that are often considered taboo or ignored.  If we can alleviate just a little suffering for a few people who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease our effort will be worthwhile.

Remember, memories are better if you can share them with someone you love.


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