The Cause Overview

Cycle to remember is a charity bike ride where five students from different universities across Europe will unite and cycle from Paris to Morocco in order to raise awareness and money for the Alzheimer’s society.  On the way inviting people to join them during this marvelous adventure.


There is of course the obvious answer that we want to make a difference and help the Alzheimer societies.  Helping those types of charities to make a difference for the people that are encumbered by this disease. But there is also the need to spread the message about Alzheimer’s and raise awareness. To help people understand the disease and most of all to show that there is no need to fear it. We mustn’t forget that being affected by this disease doesn’t change the fact that you are still a human being and can still live like any other if you have the right support.


In order to bring this project to life we will need support from the Alzheimer’s societies in England, France and Spain. One of the strong points of this charity bike ride is that everyone is invited to join for a few miles or even a stage. In order to spread the news of the event, we are very keen for those different Alzheimer’s societies to differ the information to their local societies all around or on the route of the bike ride. Having people living with Alzheimer’s join us for a few miles of the bike ride would be amazing. This would be an incredible experience for them and for us but it would also help us raise money and most importantly send a poignant message.


Read up on the symptoms and effects of Alzheimer’s disease on the charity websites linked under the Overview menu.

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