Rodolphe Strauss

My name is Rodolphe and I am currently in my second year of an international management with German course at Bath University. My desire to gather funds to help people suffering from the Alzheimer disease, be they the actual victim or their family, stems from long foregone recollections of my great grand mother, who had no other choice than to experience a slow and uncomfortable death. I can especially recall, among other things, this one day where she suddenly stood up and kept asking for her husband, Louis, wondering where he could be and what the reasons for his delay were, regardless of the fact that he had died many years ago. This happened on numerous occasions throughout the week and I could witness this highly generous and caring lady having to experience her husband’s death repeatedly, which I think no one should ever be allowed to endure.

By undertaking this project we are hoping to bring support and maybe that little extra bit of comfort to all those having to cope with similar situations on a daily basis, even if it is only by showing them that they are not disregarded and that some people are ready to be proactive in dismantling the Alzheimer taboo. This is why of course the core of the project is not we but indeed you! By getting yourself and friends involved, be it for a single day of sponsored cycling, you could bright up many people’s lives and help them preserve their dignity. With your help, we could make this experience both unique and highly enriching from a humane point of view. We could turn people’s suffering into a Ride To Remember.


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